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Construct Your Computer today and find out how much more performance you can get out of a new or current machine

How many times have you been frustrated by the loading times of your current computer? Upgrade your computer to a Solid State Hard Drive and maximum amount of RAM to find out the difference. Whether you go through us or someone else, do yourself a favor and atleast get that done!

We Specialize in custom Apple computers and Windows PCs to get the most out of your current computer. Maybe your system is too old, pick up a new custom computer, or a refurbished Apple MacBook today! We guarantee that you will be happy with your new machine whether you are a PC or Mac guy, we know the difference in performance.


Corporations and Smaller Businesses

Stop wasting time on old outdated hardware and upgrade today!

Going custom can save you a lot more money and time in the long run. When you are using proven hardware to get the job done VS whatever the other guys put in your computer, we can set you up with a whole new office of computers to get your business running optimally.


Have you ever heard that it's what is inside that counts?

Well, it is true, and if you thought it was looks that mattered, think again

We have been in the business of making your computer perform better for many years. Since floppy disks were a thing, and you couldn't get by without a CD-ROM drive. We know what it takes to make the best performing computers that last a lot longer than buying one of those pre-built machines.


Some of the services we offer

Tune up your computer to meet the demands of tomorrow

Custom Machines

Whether you have an older Apple computer or PC, we can boost the performance, transfer data, and get it running how it should.

Virus Removal

Having trouble booting, or extremely sluggish performance can hinder your entire life.

RAM upgrades

Sometimes, your computer just doesn't have enough room to store your activities and needs a boost in memory.

Hard Drive Upgrades

Mechanical Hard Drives limit your performance in laptops and desktop computers. Upgrade the hard drive to SSD to unlock your computers potential, not the whole computer. We can transfer your data as well.


If you want to play your computer games with better frame rates, we offer custom gaming computers. We can build the ultimate gaming machine that will handle all the latest titles.

Business Professional

If you need a computer that will just get the job done quickly and efficiently, we have you covered with the best hardware. This ensures snappy performance and minimal load times for your application.

  • Pure quality from first boot
  • Technical support available for free to our customers
  • Data Transfers available
  • Virus Removal available
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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