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We have experience in both sides of the table, Apple computers or Windows computers. Ever since I was little, I have always wondered what made computers tick, so I ripped apart my Mom's computer! What is a boy supposed to do? She was a little nervous at first (of course, what Mom wouldn't) but then I put it back together and everything worked! She was amazed, and since then I have gotten my A+ Hardware certification and learned all the latest proper ways of doing things.

Honestly, if you bought a computer within the last 5 years, it is probably OK and just needs a simple tune up or hard drive upgrade. Solid State Hard Drives have no moving parts and have revolutionized data storage. They run up to 20x faster than your old hard drive. It is the same with MacBooks and other laptops. A quick hard drive upgrade with data transfer will make a night and day difference in your computer.


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